Protecting Sun Spray


Kids love fun in the sun, but no one likes a fried baby


Baby Kids Protecting sunscreen spray SPF30
• Easy to apply without making your kid look like Caspar the Friendly Ghost
• With mineral UV filter
• Water resistant
Sun or shade? You should always protect the skin of your mini-me with sunscreen. All year long. The baby’s skin is very vulnerable. When your kids want nothing more than to go outside, right now, our Sun Spray might come in handy. Easy does it. Just spray, smear, and your child is protected. Because we use a mineral filter, the spray will leave a white cast on the skin that reflects the sun. This way, your mini-me is protected immediately.
Our sunscreen is easy to apply because we use titanium dioxide, instead of zinc oxide.
TIP: Because the spray is water resistant, it can be difficult to wash your skin after applying the spray. Especially for the baby skin, you do not want to rub too hard. To remove the remnants, you can possibly use a combination of the Cleansing Wash Gel and an oil, for example the Milky Bath, with a cloth.
ATTENTION: the spray can sometimes shoot out widely. So spray on the hand before applying or up close.
For every Sun Spray sold, we donate $0,50 to the Dutch Cancer Society.
100 ml

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